Troubleshooting & Issues

Leaking from areas like shower, toilet, and kitchen is a common problem, and you can avoid this unwanted situation by taking some simple initiatives if you are comfortable with it. Sponge and dry the wet area thoroughly, or place a bucket under leaking drains. If any problem remains, please contact us.
Likewise, the leaking toilet is a minor problem. If such a problem arises, you can restrict it by mopping the wet area and turning off the tap after use. You can do this until our trade’s person visits and fixes the issue.

Faulty lights, fans, and switches are some of the common issues, and you are advised not to try to fix them on your own. If the switches are not working; do not use them and report it to us immediately. If you think that switches are all right, then you can check the power or breaker if you are comfortable with it. If the issues not remedied, inform us immediately.

If the heating element in your room is not working properly, you can try a bit to fix it on your own. First, try to make around 3 degrees more or less in temperature setting, or you can leave it in switched off position for 1-2 minutes. Now, turn it on and keep it in Auto/Fan mode and wait for a while to get your desired room temperature. If the problem remains unsolved, report us immediately.
Have you ever tried to decrease the room temperature by more than 5-degree Celsius in a single step? It is advisable not to do so. It is better to decrease temperature slowly in stages, as it can prevent break down and increase the lifespan of the temperature controlling device. You can also check if the air filter is clean, as it is your responsibility to check them and replace if required. A clogged air filter can prevent the temperature controlling device from working properly.
In condo buildings, there are often notices from building management. Make sure you receive them as many of these notices pertain to the current status of heat or AC being either turned on or off for the entire building. Alternatively, please contact concierge before dismantling the thermostat or calling the unit owner.

A blown fuse can cause a problem. A heat-sensitive fuse unit is attached to your dryer, and you can check it first if you find your dryer is not working. An overhead dryer can blow the fuse. Open up the cabinet and replace it if possible for you. Inform us if you cannot fix it yourself.

Before you take any step to fix the issue, make sure that your neighbours have not experienced the same. First, check the safety switchgear and reset if it has tripped. You can also unplug all appliances before setting the safety switch and then plug them one by one to find the faulty one. If you cannot fix it, never hesitate to inform us.

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