Services to property Owners

Tenant Management services

Our clients are investor property owners from a single condo or house owner to multi-unit residential building. We take care of their tenants; we succeed by helping them rent headache free and safe keep their investment. Our services include:

Leasing and tenant background check
Pre-authorized rent payments
Maintenance Coordination
Mortgage and condo fee payments
Deposit rental income
Rent collection remedies
Periodic reporting
Invoice, expense Payments
Carrying out regular detailed inspections

Condominium Management Services

We at Capital Alliance have direct experience serving on condominium boards, hence understand precisely the type of quality service a property management company should provide its clients. Our services include but not limited to:

Responding to all owner and resident concerns

Arranging and participating in all board and general meetings

Providing financial statements

Preparing Board meeting agendas and management reports

Invoice Payments

Maintenance fee collection

Contractor agreements,

Supervising all employees and contractors

Providing regular notices to owners/residents as required

Assisting board of directors with reserve fund study

Preparing annual operating budgets

Scheduling repair and maintenance projects

Declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations Enforcement

Entire condo building management and inspection

Professional Contractor recommendation to Board of Directors

Arranging tenders for building repairs or renovation projects

Services to Property Owners in Toronto | GTA

Services to Owners

As the leading property management company in GTA, Capital Alliance Inc. is providing a wide range of services including managing tenants, managing relationships, ensuring maximum return on investment for thousands of landlords and many more.

Our client-oriented services to property owners are designed to bring out the best value of your property.

Here at Capital Alliance Inc., we provide various property management services to the property owners. These services range from leasing, managing houses, condo units and their tenants, financial operations management such as rent payment collection and transfer, condo fee, mortgage payments, renewal agreements, property inspection, maintenance, and repairs. We are here to provide you with the owner, the tenant and the real estate broker a peace of mind by taking all such vital responsibility on our shoulders.
We only operate in accordance with Ontario and Canadian law, and we have a team of professionals who have full knowledge and expertise of Ontario Tenancies Act. We are here to support you properly so that you can avoid costly mistakes. Our interactive helpline is available 24/7 hours, where our well-informed executive will respond to any of your queries. In addition, we make the monthly summary available online for property owners so that they can get every detail of their property being managed.

Capital Alliance Inc. is available to fulfil the property owners’ management requirements in the Greater Toronto Area. We have the experience and expertise to deal with your every investment need. We are offering a multitude of services to the property owners. We have a network of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of property management.
Our complete management service can help you attain the best return on your investment. We are committed to delivering the professional, prompts and courteous property management service to our clients and their tenants. We make use of our experience and the best talent in the industry to help individuals in the GTA in dealing with any property-related issues and make sure that their clients are happy and satisfied with their properties.
Our genuine desire to help owners and realtors is the driving force behind our success in the industry. Our expertise involves several rental management services related to tenancy, maintenance, and related administration. We manage condo units, houses, multi-residential buildings and commercial units and are your one-stop property management solution.
We are here to take responsibility and respond to all the calls including maintenance and emergencies. We are the ultimate solution to deal with complex property issues. We understand the difficulties and challenges a property owner may face in this business, and that is why we bring a wide selection of rental and investment solutions for investors. No matter if you want to acquire more properties or want a professional to look after your existing ones, we are here to find a suitable solution for you.
We also assist owners who travel out of the town for at least 12 months. We can pave the way for such owners to generate steady income. We manage single units or houses anywhere in the GTA.

The non-resident tax status is determined by various criterion mentioned in the questionnaire by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) (look under the section of Useful Forms). According to the CRA, a non-resident of Ontario should remit 25% of his or her income earned from property renting or leasing withholding tax.
For example, if a Canadian citizen travels abroad for personal reasons for extended periods, he or she can be treated as non-resident for tax purposes. In such a situation, we can help you to determine your tax status. We can complete the NR6 form for our non-resident clients to secure a steady earning and withhold 25% of the net income from their properties here in GTA
Note: Once we have used the NR6 form for a client, we have to file the tax return for the non-resident property owner for the same calendar year (January to December). In order to find if the client requires paying the tax or he or she is entitled to receive a tax refund, we will file non-resident tax returns by June 30 of the following calendar year.

We have gained expertise in the field of property evaluation and marketing so that the owners can get the best return on the investment. We use the best medium to market your property that helps potential tenants to find what they need. We check standard and background of the potential tenants before we insist the property owners for the final agreement for at least 12 months term. Capital Alliance Inc. will do everything on your behalf. Ranging from listing and showing your property to collecting deposits and making the unit ready for occupancy, we are here for your every property management need.

We can manage and carry out all important maintenance and repairs for your property. Our staff and professional partners are here to provide a range of services including maintenance, repairs refurbishing, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, flooring, professional cleaning, painting, and emergencies.
Note: We are not affiliated with any contractor, and we do not receive payment for any such works performed for our clients. Larger and more extensive jobs are tendered or 2-3 quotations are provided to owners prior to job commencement.

Whether your investment policies insist on purchasing, selling or financing, we are here to provide you with capital solutions for each of your needs. Our services will ensure the maximum value and return on your investment.
If your insurance provider is not ready to cover everything you want, we are ready to address your concern with the best owner’s insurance coverage. We will assist you in finding and attaining better insurance suitable for your needs.

Before handing over the newly built condominium in Ontario, the property owner should visit the site and inspect the unit for deficiency and make it sure that construction of the new project was completed as per your agreement for sale or purchase as suggested by Tarion, The Ontario New Home Warranty Program.
Representatives from Capital Alliance Inc. will be there to inspect and prepare necessary forms on your behalf. Our experience and expertise in the job can make the transition smoother and locate issues that a new owner may not and demand the builder to alleviate prior to occupancy.

Did you know you could avail a rebate of up to $30,000 as a property owner if you would use the property for rental purposes? The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) allows an individual to receive a percentage of the GST (goods and services tax) paid while purchasing a new property.
If you have leased the property to another person for residential purposes, you are entitled to receive a percentage of HST paid before.
Note: You have to file for the rebate within two years once the month in which you start paying taxes for your purchase ends. We have been assisting property owners in retrieving millions of dollars paid as HST.

We have a team of professional property consultants who can analyze the actual value of your property. Our experts can help you to measure and evaluate the performance of your property and bring out ways to make it better. We understand your expectations from us, and that is why we provide some smart and innovative advice to you.
We can use our extensive commercial real estate experience to outline your cash flow projection, best available options, estimate closing costs, price, rental profit, cap rate and tax implications. We are here to turn your investment into a profitable one with our over a decade-long experience and a reliable network of field experts.

You have to file for Capital Gains return if you are selling the property through a sole proprietorship. If you are selling the property as a non-resident, your solicitor must withhold 25% of the total transaction. The solicitor should apply to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for a “clearance certificate”. If the “clearance certificate has been issued, the solicitor can release the preservative fund less 25% of the gross profit. A sole proprietor should pay capital gains tax on selling real estate properties in Ontario. The law is reported on Schedule 3 and line 127 of an individual’s tax return.

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