Our Commitments to the Realtors
We see the industry of real estate business differently, and we are aware of the needs and the challenges of each realtor in Ontario. As a leading property management company, we are committed to protect realtors’ rights and make the association fruitful for them.
Our sales, lease and financial executives understand that time is of essence for your business growth. We are thankful to our partner realtors for referring clients to our company. We are here to put your minds at ease after your lease is closed.
First-Class Property Management Service for Your Clients
Fulfilling the needs of your clients and satisfying them with first-class management service is our responsibility. Our property management services are available for both Canadian and Non-Canadian property owners. We, wholeheartedly thank the brokers and agents for referring their clients to Capital Alliance Inc. We are here to secure the best return on your investment with effective policies and services that can minimize the vacancy period and maximize the cash flow.
Our job starts the day the tenant takes over the property. We are the liaison between tenants, owners and brokers. We provide maintenance service, deal with payments including rent, fees and trades, issue notices based on Ontario tenancy laws, manage landlord tenant board cases and keep brokers informed of any upcoming vacancies.

Read Out the Reviews Written by Our Partner Realtors and Brokerages:


Asoudeh Novin

Sales Representative

“Incredible service.  I was always dealing with maintenance issues that wasn’t really my business as sales representative and it was taking up my time and earning me no money.  I referred Capital Alliance to landlord and tenant and now we are all happy.”

 Sam Mahmoudi

Sales Representative

“As a realtor, I am quite impressed with their work efficiency, as they have the ability to solve issues quickly and make our clients and their tenants happy”.

 Andy Oswald

Sales Representative

“I found Capital Alliance Inc. to be an excellent company in the field of property management in the Toronto. They are professional, their communication is prompt, and I never hesitate to refer my investor clients to them. They are ideal for anybody seeking professional and responsible property management company”.

Jimmy Mazloumian


“I am glad that I had taken the chance to work with Capital Alliance Inc., as the initial interaction with their representatives was quite fruitful. I still refer my clients to Capital Alliance Inc.”

Payam Khazanbaik

Broker & Real Estate Investor

“I liked the fact that they contacted me to inform me the tenant is moving out and that I was able to re-list the condo for my investor client.  I felt my business was protected and they were sticking to their property management instead of trying to discontinue my leasing business.”

Eric Frey

Sales Representative

“As a Brokerage, my association with Capital Alliance Inc. has been quite fruitful for me. I especially thank them for their brilliant and professional work. I intend to continue our association to strike more lucrative deals in the future”.