We have a network of professionals, who are ready to work for you on your request. There are some guides for repairs and maintenance. You can click HERE to learn more about this. If you want us to send a professional, you have to get a maintenance request ticket HERE.
Note: We only respond to the request tickets and do not accept on call or email maintenance requests.

If you are unable to pay the monthly rent, you should inform our payment receivable department to explain and provide a date which you intend to pay. Discussing and managing your case is the best way to find the best solution for your specific situation. Otherwise, your non-payment of rent leads to the usual Landlord Tenant Board notifications and later the owners’ attorney.

If a maintenance problem can turn out to be a serious safety concern for the residents or the property, it is considered an emergency. In such cases, repairs cannot wait for even a day. If you have such problem, report to us immediately. Out executives will determine the urgency of your case and take necessary actions.

We have some procedures for the key exchanging programs, and the essence of the program depends on several factors as described in the lease agreement. We will send our representatives some required forms to complete the key exchange program. 1) setup utilities account required. 2) purchase insurance 3) provide completed pre-authorize payment form and a void cheque for rent payment. 4) Book elevator if required. 5) schedule Key / Unit hand-over appointment 6) have key deposit money on appointment or send email money transfer in advance

You have to submit the proof of your content and liability insurance policy you have obtained from a bank or insurance provider. For your convenience, you can contact Irene Prsa at All Risk Insurance. She can be reached iprsa@all-risks.com or 905-884-1777 and mention your association with Capital Alliance Inc.
Note: The property owner will not be held accountable for property loss, theft or damage.

If you have come with additional utilities, you have to submit the proof that the account(s) is registered in your name. You have to submit the account details before your move in. You can also get the Utilities Account Set-Up Forms at our website HERE.

At Capital Alliance, we recommend only the use of pre-authorized payments set up at the beginning of the lease term. If post-dated checks are being provided, please make payable to Capital Alliance Inc. Please state the unit or house address and purpose of the payment in the memo line. PAD form is available HERE.

As a tenant, you will have to follow some guidelines with the accordance of laws, rules and regulations. Each condominium has its own rules and bylaws. Each house has to abide by the local municipal laws. Your lease clearly states that a tenant is obligated to observe these rules and regulations. This will help you avoid unwanted incidents that may incur infractions or fines.

Our representatives inspect before you occupy the property. However, we suggest every tenant inspect the property on their own before occupying it. This will ensure that you have inspected the property thoroughly and agreed to accept it. You can also share your inspection report with us so that we can keep in on our record. Please note, if you find any issues regarding the condition of the unit, please inform us with supporting documents. Follow these below-mentioned steps to make your move in process smoother:

  • Reschedule your mailing address
  • Get boxes and moving supplies
  • Apply for new telephone service at your new location if required
  • Dispose of unwanted items including chemicals and inflammable at the local Toxic Waste Centre
  • Apply for cable TV or internet service disconnection at old and connection at new residence
  • Make necessary changes in the important documents like driving license, ID card, health cards, bank accounts, tax office, insurance, etc
  • Notify your kids’ school about the shift
  • Apply to the new school
  • Collect the copies of you and your family’s health record. If you have pets, include them on the list
  • Return the borrowed items if you have any
  • Collect the loaned items
  • Make necessary arrangement to more major appliances
  • Take items with the accordance of your transportation option
  • Take important items like clothes and toiletries you may need in your new home
  • Fill a box with essential items and mark them as “Do Not Move”
  • Clean Unit well
  • Clean and defrost the refrigerator
  • Pack your personal belongings
  • Make all the important documents ready and easily accessible
  • Keep all the keys in a safe place
  • Keep everything clean and let the landlord inspect
  • Check all closets and cabinets
  • If you have hired a mover, provide the details of your new address and confirm the delivery time
  • Contact your new landlord and confirm your moving

Contact the local municipal office to learn about the facilities like garbage picking, local regulations and other things
Note: before you plan to install new home appliances and utilities in your new home, make sure the lease agreement permits you to do so. To learn more about rules and regulation read the Provincial Fact Sheet at the official website of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

If you want to vacate the unit even before the end of the actual contract, you have to notify 60 days prior to the last days of tenancy. Once you have requested the tenancy termination, you are obligated to keep your unit in a suitable and tidy condition, as we may bring new renters for property inspection at your unit.

The purpose of the security deposit is to charge fine for any damage to the property caused by the tenant. You are entitled to get your security deposit within 21 days following your move in from the unit. If you have not paid the last month rent, it will be a case of eviction proceedings.

If you want to secure the property as a tenant, you should replenish the Rental Application form with a sign and submit it in the form or email. Never forget to attach the letter of your employment and recent credit check for verification. Make sure that you have mentioned the unit specifications and rental rate in your form. The property you are interested in is secured once the lease agreement is signed by the tenant and the landlord and deposit of the first and last months are made.

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